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The Week Ahead

Sunday 17th October
- 09:00
Holy Eucharist (traditional language)
- 11:00
Parish Eucharist
- 19:00
Monday 18th October
- 09:45
Morning prayer
Tuesday 19th October
- 09:45
Morning prayer
- 11:45
Baby & Toddler Group
Wednesday 20th October
- 09:45
Morning prayer
Thursday 21st October
- 09:45
Morning prayer
Friday 22nd October
- 09:45
Morning prayer


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Belonging & Believing

Healing Ministry

Our Lord Jesus Christ went about preaching the gospel and healing. He commanded his disciples to lay hands on the sick that they might be healed.

In obedience to this command the church has the ministry of healing.

We are introducing the healing ministry through the laying on of hands and anointing for oil at the 10am service on the third Sunday of the month.

What can we hope for through this ministry?

We believe that God loves us and wills the very best for us. But we also know that suffering of all kinds and ultimately death are conditions from which we cannot escape. In Jesus Christ he shared in this life's suffering and death on the cross, and he can draw close to us in times such as these.

However, his resurrection in the power of the Holy Spirit gives us hope that we might have a foretaste of his kingdom here and now and that through the Church's ministry we shall receive his love, strength and healing touch. What form that healing will take we cannot tell.

It may:

  • Help to carry us through a prolonged illness or disability;
  • Lead to recovery more rapidly than expected;
  • Mean we lose our fear of death as it is driven out by God's love;
  • Be a healing which is so unexpected that we immediately want to thank God.

We can also seek this ministry for difficult situations, seeking God's healing and being open to God changing us (for example taking away our fear) so we can play our role in the healing of the situation.

What will happen if I go to be prayed for?

After receiving communion, you go through to the Lady Chapel. A steward will direct to you to one of the trained team who will offer to lay hands on you, or you will be asked to sit and wait until one of them is free. You do not need to say what you are seeking prayer for but you may if you wish to, and if you are seeking prayer for someone else please say so.

After receiving the laying on of hands you may if you wish be anointed with holy oil by a priest. Oil is anointed upon those who have a specific need and cannot by definition be applied to any who are not present. This, then, becomes a personal prayer for God's help.

Today's Prayers

Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer

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Baby and Toddler Group Come and play!

Baby and Toddler group is open every Tuesday 10:15am - 11:45am. A friendly group welcoming all babies and toddlers including those with special needs.
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Monthly food bank date change!

From now on the food bank collection will take place at St Michael’s on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 11am to 1pm.
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This ministry will cease during the Coronavirus period.
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Please indicate to one of the clergy or a member of the welcome team before the service if you would prefer a gluten-free communion wafer.
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